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ESL Archive

Previously Featured Items

Speaking Lessons

ESL Environment Worksheet

Idiom Dictionary

The Big City

Using the Word "Enough"

Guardian TEFL Resources

Reading Signs in English

AskEric ESL Lesson Plans

TESOL Job Bank

English Daily - Word of the Day

Easy English Times

Fun Spelling Facts

ESL Jokes and Humor

Word Origins

Teaching "How are you?"

Tony Blair Resigns ESL Lesson

Past Simple or Continuous

Speaking Situations

May or Might?

Proverbs in English

English Pronunciation

Teaching "Used to..."

ESL Podcards

Teaching Zero Conditional

TESL Journal

Using "So Much" or "So Many"

Word Origins

Teaching "I wish..."

Test Your English Level

Quiz: Using A or AN

Irregular Verbs: Exercise

The Grammar Guide

Bilingual Education Reseach

Self Study Quizzes

TESL Testing

The ESL Blues

ESL Alphabet Job List

ESL at About.com

ESL Newsletters

Online Gender Activity

Pronunication Resources

Learn to use "Shall"

Mapping English Proficiency

TOEFL Practice Test

Vocabulary Activities

Simple Past Verb Activities

Fun ESL Games

The Imperative Verb Tense

Listening Activities for ESL

Learning the Simple Present

ESL Current Events: Plagiarism

Tutorial on Verb Tense

New Online Writing Lab

Focus on Phonetics

English Programs in the USA

Learn about Conditionals

Gerunds, Participles, Infinitives

ESL Homestay Resources


Advanced Vocabulary Lessons

Writing for business audience

Online ESL Exercises

Basic ESL TESOL Lessons

Australian English Glossary

English Language Torture

Jokes in the ESL Classroom

Grammar: Mixed Articles

First Time in England

The Cliche Finder

Voce: ESL for Korean Learners

ESL Holiday Worksheets

Turkish-English Dictionary

75 ESL Teaching Ideas

Capitalization Exercise

Int. Assoc.of ESL Teachers

ESL Online Games

Language Guide for ESL

Word Surfing for ESL

Common Errors in English


PIZZAZ for ESL Learners

NCELA Clearinghouse

Repeat After Us

Improving Grammar in ESL

Credit Crunch Lessons

Voice of English

Proverbs and Sayings

The Literacy Center

The Secret to a Better Accent

English Saves the Day

Listening Activities for ESL

Barack Obama Lessons

200 Online Vocabulary Exercises

Everyday Idioms for ESL

Current Events Mumbai Lessons

Vocubulary Quizzes with Pictures

Ask Eric ESL Lesson Plans

Current Events for ESL: New Year's Savings

Language Pronunciation Tools

Inauguration Vocabulary Sheet

ESL Current Events: President Obama

100's of ESL Printables

Valentine's Day for ESL

Woman Swims Across the Atlantic Ocean

Easily Confused Words Worksheet & Answer Sheet

Slumdog children in millionaire world

Easter Flashcards for ESL-Kids

Current Events: Earth Hour

Action Verbs Worksheet

"To Be" Verb Tense Sheet

Bedbugs on the Rise ESL Unit

Music and the ESL Class

Current Events: H1N1 Virus

Teach Where You Are: Article

Using and Writing Numbers

Google ESL Lesson

The LanguageGuide.org

"Lucy's Blog" on Teaching ESL

"Conflict in Iran" ESL Unit

Teaching English In Korea

South Korean Cyber Attack: ESL Current Events Unit

Mixed ESL Wordsearch Puzzles

Alpha-Bot Word Speller

Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50

Back to School ESL Ideas

ESL Labor Day Worksheets

ESL Role Playing Activities

Fired For Using CAPITAL Letters

Back to School ESL Ideas

Taking a Shower may be bad for you

ESL Lab - Banking Vocabulary

Lesson Plans - UsingEnglish.com

Mediterranean Diets Keep You Happier

ESL Lab: Driving & Car Vocab

ESL Halloween Lessons and Worksheets

Remembrance Day Workbook

Thanksgiving Lessons & Workbook

McDonald's pulls out of Iceland

Car & Driver ESL Vocabulary

Teaching in China

Teaching English in Japan

North Pole Santa Claus Workbook

Current Events: New Co2 Machine

Learning About "A and An"

ESL Games and Activities

The World's Tallest Building

Crosswords for ESL

Program Planning for ESL

ESL Teaching Ideas

Irregular Verb Tense Activity

Current Events: How Time Flies!

Succeeding w/ ELL

English Pronunciation Test

Google & China: Current Events

Past Simple Verb Crossword

Glossary of English Grammar Terms

Adult ESL Teacher's Guide

Grammar Safari

Interactive TEFL Games

Activities for ESL

"Hangman" for ESL

AskEric ESL Lessons

75 ESL Teaching Ideas

Level One EFL Worksheets

Teaching "How are You?"

Capitalization Exercises

Lessons and Games

The ESL Idiom Page

Prepositions of Direction

Day 1 Planning Questionnaire

Capitalization Rules

Learn English with the BBC

Teaching Accept/Except

Tips for Teaching ESL Beginners and Pre-literate Adults

Writing English for a Business Audience

CSUN Lessons and Resources

BBC ESL Quizzes

Location: At, In, On...

Etymology Dictionary

Teaching English Quizzes

The Use and Non-Use of Articles

English Language Level Tests

The 333 Most Common Verbs

Adjectives and Adverbs

ESL Mainstream Infusion

Integrating ESL into the Classroom

Vacation Worksheet

Activities for ESL students

Effective Instruction

Electronic Texts and ESL Learners

Ask Eric ESL Lessons

ESL Lessons and Resources

English Literacy - Civics Lessons

Breaking News ESL Lessons

The ESL Quiz Center

ESL Lessons Using Websites

ESL Online Crosswords

Business English

6000 Most Freq Use English Words

Curriculum Planning

Slang for ESL Students

ESL Handwriting Practice

Irregular Verbs

Possessive Pronoun Worksheet

Teaching ESL thru Music

ESL Partyland Quiz Centre

The Letter H for ESL

Asking and Telling the Time

ESL Bears

ESL Jokes

ESL Games and Activities

Compound Words

Using Graded Readers

Etymology Dictionary

Human Body Parts

Pronunciation Practice

Effective Use of Dictionary

Babelfish Translator

ESL Teacher Weblogs

ELL's in the USA

Fidel Castro ESL News Lesson

100 Irregular Verbs

Grammar Quizzes

Transportation Workbook

Speaking Activities

41 Tips for ESL Teachers

Adult ESL: Expensive Weddings

ESL Flashcard Activities

Idioms in the News

Roooms in the House: Workbook


Language Mini Lessons

Emailing in English






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